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OUR Dress making PROCESS

Crafting elegance takes time. At Fareenas, each exquisite dress undergoes a meticulous creative journey before reaching you. Our skilled artisans select premium materials, tailoring unique masterpieces for every client.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Begins with a bespoke consultation, tailoring every detail for your dream bridal ensemble.

Step 2

Fabric Selection

Our curated fabrics reflect both your style aspirations and dedication to eco-consciousness, meticulously selected for your dream ensemble.

Step 3

Dyeing Process

Our collection embodies Eco-conscious elegance through organic dyes, leaving no environmental footprint.

Step 4

Khaka Design

Our Eco-conscious Khaka Designs, are crafted intricately with sustainable dyes for your elegant bridal ensemble

Step 5

Hand Embroidery

Master artisans intricately craft hand embroidery, sculpting embellishments that epitomize our distinct bridal elegance.

Step 6

Stitch As Per Measurement

Our exquisite fabric moves to skilled hands at our stitching unit, where expert tailors breathe life into your dream attire.

Step 7


Every detail undergoes our meticulous quality control to ensure flawless, unparalleled perfection in your dream bridal attire.

Step 8


Our meticulous packaging safeguards delicate embroideries, ensuring your treasured bridal wear remains pristine for generations with proper re-packaging.

Step 9


Your perfect attire, ready for collection at our studio or delivered worldwide—making your dream outfit just a doorstep away!