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The Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi with Sensational Artistry Among Brides.

The Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi with Sensational Artistry Among Brides.

Your big day is arriving soon and you are completely occupied with the pre-arrangements of your wedding. Amidst everything going around, you keep wondering how you’ll look in your wedding outfit, jewelry, and makeup. Who doesn't want to shine on their big day, right? At this moment, all you can imagine is having a makeup artist who can portray your dream look into reality. 

From the glow of your complexion to the twinkling in the eye, every detail matters. With this thought, you want to entrust your bridal look to the hands who have decades of experience in bridal makeup and a flair to match your desired look.

To ease your quest for perfection, below is a list of the top 10 makeup artists in Delhi who we truly approve of!

  1. Meenakshi Dutt

If you live in Delhi, her name is probably the first to pop up on your searches. Meenakshi Dutt is a renowned name in the makeup industry with a decade-long experience and flair for crafting polished bridal looks.  Her versatility in makeovers has become the talk of the town, from glossy carpet looks to serene bridal aesthetics, she owns it all!

meenakshi dutt’s client gets a bridal makeover

  1. Meera Sakhrani

Meera’s passion for makeup shines through the flawless and intense glow her brides get. Her ability to play with colors that magnify each feature is her true art. As bridal makeup can be tricky and demanding, Meera’s skilled hand and techniques have made her an applauded makeup artist among Delhi brides. 

meera sakhrani’s client gets a bridal makeover

  1. Kriti Chhabra

Specializing in bridal makeup and makeover, Kriti Chhabra renders her skills that match every aspect of your bridal accessory. Not to forget her exemplary tricks and tips for magnifying the natural beauty of the brides. 

kriti chabra’s client gets a bridal makeover

  1. Rimani Mahajan

Rimani is a rising name in the makeup industry, well known for her approach to the experimental look. Soft romantic, intense bold, or cool vintage, she’ll ace all. What’s better than having someone on your side who can simply create the look in your head just in the blink of an eye?


rimani mahajan’s client gets a  bridal makeover

  1. Krushhh By Konica

Konica is yet another, but like no other makeup artist in Delhi to give you an undeniably infectious look. Whether it's creating the look or teaching the tips and techniques of a look, her subtle and warm personality wins it all. Her expertise in the bridal makeover is the talk that goes from one to another. 

krushhh by konica's client gets a bridal makeover

  1. Shruti Sharma

Years of experience in turning pretty women into radiant brides is what has led her name to the list. The balance of maintaining a radiant and bold look has crowned her as one of the prominent makeup artists in Delhi. Capturing the essence of the bride's true persona, she creates a look like no other.  

shruti sharma’s client gets a bridal makeover


  1. AL Kausar

Smokey eyes with highlighted cheeks and an intense radiant glow are AL Kausar’s signature bridal look. Her soft detailing of color shades with lip tint transforms a vision into elegance and grace. Every detail in her makeover perfectly matches the rhythm of a bridal look, making her your ideal bridal makeup artist. 


al kausar’s client gets a bridal makeover
  1. Mahima Gulati

Mahima shows a full spectrum of being a makeup artist, for her, it’s not all about makeup. She carries a strong sense of creating a confident yet poised look that every bride deserves. Mahima’s exceptional skills and clean hands have given her brides a look beyond expectations. 

mahima gulati’s client gets a bridal makeover

  1. Preeti Gera

7 years into the makeup industry, Preeti has served over 5000 brides with her flawless makeup techniques and methods. Transitioning from a makeup artist to a mentor, her ability to craft exceptional bridal looks is a luminary in the makeup industry.

preeti gera’s client gets a bridal makeover


  1. Atul Chauhan 

Focusing on bridal and fashion makeovers, Atul possesses an excellent understanding of changing trends and the makeup revolution. With that, he subtly tailors every bride’s needs and brings them a memory to reminisce upon year after year.

atul chauhan’s client gets a bridal makeover


In a bustling city like Delhi, you might get lost in the pool of options and choices. However, an exceptional bridal look requires attention to detail and professional experience. The above makeup artists are skilled in transforming your ordinary into extraordinary. Just like how a makeup and makeup artist go hand-in-hand, brides and bridal outfits go in sync, and Fareena’s bridal collection catches everyone’s attention.   

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